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Sutton Area Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 687, Sutton, NE 68979


Astra Bank
105 S. Saunders Ave.
PO Box 409
Sutton, NE 68979
(402) 773-5541
Fax: (402) 773-5399
Merlyn Haight

Member Since 2007


About Us:

In latin, Astra means star.  The staff of Astra Bank has been helping people reach for the stars since 1911.  In fact, our mission statement reflects this heritage:  "Our mission is to turn dollars into fulfilled dreams."  We feel our name and our mission statement are very appropriate for a bank that has a deep commitment to enabling our customers and our communities to achieve their loffiest dreams.

To reach for the stars, it helps to have historical roots of commitment that run deep.  In 1929, G. Walter Boyles started the Astra Bank tradition of a committted, local family owenership group that is activiely involved in the day-to-day operations of the bank.  This tradition has spanned three generations and continues to this day.  His vision of helping our customers and our communities achieve their dreams by providing safe and sound banking services will continue for generations.

Enabling the dreams of our customers to become a reality has always been at the forefront of Astra Bank's mission.  Innovative financial products combined with a staff that provides excellent service and a family ownership group that is committed to the success of our customers and communities creates an atmosphere that is unique.  Our roots run deep within our communities because our commitment is deeper.

 Mission Statement

Our mission is to turn dollars into fulfilled dreams.


Vision Statement
Our vision is to provide a banking experience unique within our communities. Our focus is on our customers, our employees, our shareholders and our communities with the goal of enabling them to achieve their loftiest dreams. This is our promise to provide a truly excellent experience on each interaction, because these dreams demand that commitment.

Core Values
Excellence – We continually strive to do the right thing for and bring the best possible service to our customers, our employees, our shareholders and our communities.

Commitment – We will build long term relationships with our customers, our employees, our shareholders and our communities; our actions will benefit these relationships today and into the future.


Cornerstone Bank
201 N. Saunders Ave.
PO Box 370
Sutton, NE 68979
(402) 773-5521
Fax: (402) 773-4293
AJ Bergen
Other Contacts: Ruth Huber

Member Since 2007


About Us:

Cornerstone Bank has been serving the financial needs of Central Nebraska since 1882 by providing full service banking including deposit accounts, loan products, trust, farm management services, insurance and investment products. We are a family-owned bank with 27 banking locations in 19 communities, along with 37 ATM locations. Bank assets total over $585 million.One thing you will find as you deal with the staff of Cornerstone Bank is the dedication and caring attitude of the employees. We really care about you and the communities we serve!

Heartland Bank - Grafton Branch
245 N. Washington Ave.
PO Box 69
Grafton, NE 68365
Phone:  (402) 282-7212
Fax: (402) 282-7203
Bryan Dohrman, Vice President

Member Since 2007


About Us:

Heartland Bank is a growing organization providing leadership that improves the lives of customers, associates and communities.  Check out their many convienant products at

Waddell & Reed
145 S 10th Suite A
PO Box 112
Geneva, NE 68361
Phone:  (402) 759-6095
Fax: (402) 282-7203
Tyler J. Williams, Financial Advisor

Member Since 2015


About Us:


*Personal & Business Financial Planning

*Retirement Planning

*Investment Planning

*Savings for College Education

*Insurance Decisions

*Estate Planning

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