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Why Become a Chamber Member?

Do you have a passion for making a difference in your local community? We would love to have you as a Chamber member.

Business Referrals

We always refer our Chamber Members first!  The Chamber office receives multiple calls each week regarding businesses and services in our area.  We always refer them to member businesses whenever possible.

Make New

Business Contacts

The Chamber of Commerce provides programs and opportunities for you to network with potential customers, clients and vendors who need or use your products and services.

Invest in Your

Local Economy

The Chamber’s primary mission is to grow OUR economy. Relocation or expansion of companies means more jobs and more potential customers for you! Only through continued stimulation and growth of the business community can we make progress.

Learn New Skills for Small Business Success

Grow your business through guest speakers and seminars hosted by the Sutton Area Chamber of Commerce.

Market Your Own Products or Service

Through newsletter promotion and sponsoring activities, you will gain direct exposure to an unlimited number of businesses and individuals in the Sutton area.

Gain Internet Exposure

Chamber Members have a complete business listing (includes address and phone number) on our website. We will also place a link to your company’s website on our website at no charge

Enhance Your Leadership Skills

Increase your company’s competitive edge by participating with our councils, committee’s and task forces. By volunteering on the Chamber committees and task forces, you will plan and implement programs to improve the business climate and solve community problems. 

Gain a Voice In

The Government

The Chamber is your representative at the local, regional, state and national level. The Chamber of Commerce can help keep you informed on key legislative issues affecting your business

As a Sutton Area Chamber of Commerce member, you will receive membership recognition to display in your business. This is a great way to communicate with the public that you are an involved member of the Sutton business community as well as the community as a whole!

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